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Working in a public school is incredibly rewarding. Not only are you preparing the next generation for their future, you help to ensure students and families are supported.

Working for Washington's public schools means you have a union job! As an Education Support Professional, you have competitive wages, a retirement plan, health insurance, job security, and SO much more! When you have a good union job, you have an entire support system of co-workers, union leaders, and union staff who work together to ensure you receive the rights, recognition, and respect you deserve.

It takes an army to keep a school running smoothly. Our union, PSE SEIU 1948, represents the many employees that support the education of students in early learning, K-12, and higher education. This includes, but is not limited to, paraeducators, campus security, technology professionals, bus drivers, maintenance/grounds workers, custodians, office professionals, and nurses. Within these broad categories are hundreds of positions with different specializations and a path for career advancement.

When you work for Washington's public schools, you are one of merely 10.8% of workers in the U.S. who has a GOOD UNION JOB. And with that union job, you earn 19% MORE than non-union workers. So what're you waiting for? Use the search bar above to find a good union job near you!

ESP Career Resources

Are you looking for a new career as an Education Support Professional (ESP) with good union pay and quality benefits but don't know where to begin? Explore union careers at PSE LEARN below! We've assembled all the basic information to help get you started. You can learn what the job is about, learn what kinds of certifications or special requirements you need before applying for a job, and access the basic resources you need to help you explore the career further.

Good Union Jobs

"I love being part of a union. Not only do you have the promise of a good contract and job security, you build a foundation of a strong family. When you’re union, you have family at your worksite, in your district, and even across the state. We are stronger together with a united voice!" - Jacque Meddles, Office Professional in South Kitsap School District

Good Union Jobs

“I’m proud to belong to PSE because of our mission to empower members. We accomplish this by bargaining competitive wages, quality benefits, and better working conditions. With a solid contract in place, we can focus more on providing exceptional service to the communities and schools we love.” - David Nowotny, Maintenance in Mukilteo School District