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PSE Awards

Every year, PSE recognizes the hard work performed by Education Support Professionals and other K-12 and higher education employees across Washington State.

The job categories PSE represents include: Office Professionals, Technology, Health Services, Higher Education, Maintenance, Substitutes, Child Nutrition, Transportation, Security, Grounds, Custodial, Pro Tech, Paraeducators and Other Services.

Because of their efforts, schools and universities run efficiently and students of all ages get the support they need to receive a quality education. In short, Education Support Professionals are the glue that keeps universities and schools together.

It's time to recognize their hard work.

If you would like to recognize a fellow member, coworker, or even a principal for their contributions to education in Washington State and their communities, click below to submit a nomination!

Click here to submit a nomination for 2024!

The deadline to submit nominations is April 7th, 2024.

The USCE Award nominations deadline was March 24th, 2024 and is now closed.

Award Categories

1) Education Support Professional of the Year

This coveted award is granted to a PSE-represented employee who has demonstrated a commitment to education. Individual must be an active member in good standing of their local PSE chapter. They must have been a PSE member for minimum of three years. The individual should have positive relationships with other staff, the district, and with PSE.

2) Life Member

This award is for a PSE-represented employee who was been active in PSE for a minimum of ten (10) years. Additionally, they must have made outstanding contributions to the general welfare of employees through PSE. This can be a retired PSE-represented employee. One life membership may be granted for every 5,000 PSE members, as computed at the time the Awards Committee makes its selection. This award should recognize someone who has completed most of his/her contributions to PSE (a lifetime of achievements). This requires a minimum of four (4) letters of recommendation: one letter from a chapter leader, one letter from a PSE board member, and two letters from co-workers (one co-worker must be a PSE member).

3) UCSE (United Classified School Employees) REACH Award

This award is for Education Support Professionals who are doing extraordinary and inspirational things in their schools and communities to promote quality education, foster safe and positive learning environments, and ensure student success. This award is presented in partnership with United Classified School Employees (UCSE), a coalition of state and national unions (including PSE SEIU Local 1948) that together represent school support employees nationwide. The UCSE Award is meant to honor the individual contributions, and to recognize the essential role that all Education Support Professionals play in education. The individual must be an active member in good standing of a local PSE chapter. The individual must have been a PSE member for a minimum of ten years.

4) Judy York Achievement Award

Named in memory of former Zone 11 Director Judy York, this award recognizes current or former state board members for their years of distinguished service and categories of distinction. Nominees for the Judy York Achievement Award should meet the following criteria:

5) Higher Education Award for Outstanding Achievement

This award is granted to a PSE-represented employee who has demonstrated a commitment to higher education. This award is intended to recognize higher education employees. The individual should have positive relationships with other staff, their university, and with PSE. The individual must be an active member in good standing of the local PSE chapter. They must have been a PSE member for minimum of three years.

6) Legislative Member of the Year

Given to individuals who have exhibited political involvement, worked with legislators or legislation, and who are involved with PSE for the betterment of classified personnel.

7) Leadership Award

This award is for PSE members who demonstrate outstanding leadership in their local chapter or who make special contributions to PSE members through their role in the chapter or by serving on state committees. More than one award may be granted. The state president presents these awards at chapter or zone meetings.

8) Honorary Member of the Year

Honorary membership may be conferred upon any qualified individual as determined by the Awards Committee. This award is intended to honor principals, superintendents, teachers, or other non-PSE educational personnel. Honorary memberships are reserved for individuals who are non-members but who have demonstrated concern for or aided classified school employees in a significant way. Honorary memberships are granted for a period of one year following the annual convention at which the award is made.

9) Job Performance Excellence

PSE members who are recognized by their supervisors for their outstanding performance on the job may receive a Job Performance Excellence recognition. This award is not related to any union activity, but simply recognizes members who are contributing to their school community by the job they do every day.

If you have any questions please contact Committee Liaison John Kapple at