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2023 General Election Endorsements

The PSE Board of Directors, acting on recommendations from the Legislative Council, have approved 11 candidate endorsements for the 2023 General Election. PSE recommends the following candidates for election and encourages members to gather all relevant information and be a fully-informed voter prior to November 7, 2023.
You can search online for your County elections office to view the local voters’ pamphlet for your area.

School Board
Central Valley – Debra Long, Cindy McMullen, & Keith Clark
Everett – Charles Adkins
Spokane – Mike Wiser
Tacoma – Elizabeth Bonbright

Local Government
Spokane Mayor - Lisa Brown
Kennewick City Council - Jim Millbauer Position 7
Pasco City Council - Irving Brown District 3
Spokane City Council - Paul Dillon District 2
Snohomish Treasurer - Brian Sullivan

Looking ahead to the 2024 Statewide General Election, the PSE Board of Directors has approved the following early endorsements:

Mark Mullet for Governor
Sen. Mark Mullet has served in the state Senate since 2011. He is the longest-serving member of the Senate Education Committee. He also serves on the Ways & Means Committee. Mark Mullet says: “My wife is a public school teacher. We both know that our kids need the support of all school employees including office managers, school lunch providers, custodians, paraeducators, maintenance crews and more if they are going to be in an environment that fosters strong academic achievement. I couldn’t be more honored to receive the endorsement of these critical members of the education community.” Mark’s mother was a Public School Employee union member at Cascade View Elementary School.

Chris Reykdal for Superintendent
PSE is providing an early endorsement for a third term for Supt. Reykdal in 2024. Chris Reykdal says: “Together we have lifted up the visibility of PSE and its members. Higher wages, expanded benefits, more professional learning, and the nation's first classified school employee of the year. And this year I am proposing a first-in-the-nation living wage for paraeducators. As a former member of three unions, I have always put the rights of labor to organize, bargain, and withhold their labor as core principles, even as I put students at the center of our work. They are compatible. You can't have great schools without great employees leading the work from the classroom to the cafeteria, and from the playground to the bus.”